When I got booked to photograph my first wedding, I was incredibly nervous.

I hadn't been to a wedding in years, so how was I supposed to know how to properly capture it?! I really wish that I had the opportunity to shadow a wedding photographer + see how they work so I could have the experience. After photographing 30+ weddings, I have a lot of experience that I would love to pass on to an aspiring wedding photog!

So... I would LOVE to have you on hand to shadow!

Here's some things you might do...

  • Hold cameras + lighting
  • Adjust the bride's dress, veil, or hair
  • Capture iPhone video content
  • After helping enough, possibly even help photograph!

I'm looking for someone who...

  • is excited to learn + serve
  • values marriage
  • can feel comfortable w/ people they don't know
  • is inspired by wedding photography!