Where did you meet? Where is your favorite place to eat together? What are your hobbies? I want to know!

Do you have a wedding date in mind? Do you know where you want to have the wedding? Will it be a morning, midday, or evening wedding?


how long until I get my photos back?

All of your wedding photos are guaranteed to be edited and delivered you you within 4 weeks of your wedding date!

are you willing to travel?

ABSOLUTELY! Traveling for weddings is my ultimate goal and I am always looking for a change of scenery.

Why can't you do photo and video at the same time?

It is not possible to film and shoot photos at the same time on any camera. I will always need to hire a separate videographer!

are your prices in usd?

Yes, my prices are in USD, even though they are not advertised. Please keep the exchange rate for your country in mind when looking at my pricing.

Can you send the unedited photos too?

No, I will only deliver the edited photos. The editing process is half of the art that goes into photography.

can we request additional photo edits after you deliver the gallery?

No, sorry! The photos I deliver will be the final product

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