Okayyyyy.... CAN YOU EVEN?!

Matt reached out to me a few months ago with a grand idea of surprising Jenny with engagement photos on their trip to Yosemite. BEST IDEA EVER! Matt proposed a few days prior to leaving for their trip but told Jenny to bring a nice dress along in case they wanted to take pictures together on their iPhone... little did Jenny know that I was secretly flying out to meet them! 

Matt shared the surprise with Jenny on the morning of the shoot + I followed them to Glacier Point. Can we just take minute to share that they camped the night before + Jenny curled her hair in the car through the curvy mountain roads?! A QUEEN! 

I couldn't be happier for Matt + Jenny 🤍 I've known Matt since kindergarten + he's always been the brother I never had! Jenny is a gem + I'm so excited to watch their love grow as they head into married life! Ahhhh SO HAPPY!