Yep, you heard correctly! I'm looking to specify my niche as a wedding and elopement photographer and I need some elopements to get started. For the entire year of 2021, an elopement with me is FREE. Just pay for travel.

The only requirement is that your elopement location MUST be scenic. National parks, mountain tops, sand dunes, or salt flats are all perfect options.

Fill out the inquiry form to get started! I can't wait to adventure with you! We're going to have a blast.

Travel can cost anywhere from $400-$1,000 depending on location.

Approximate state & city will suffice!

Please keep in mind that I will not get back to you if you are lacking in detail. Please don't put "What is your pricing?" in this box! Do you have a wedding date in mind? Do you know where you want to have the wedding? Will it be a morning, midday, or evening wedding? Tell me allllll your plans!!!